the OSSOS collaboration

The OSSOS collaboration has a core team and a set of topic teams, each with a team leader. The core team programs observations, reduces the acquired data, discovers new objects, and provides the topic teams with the detected objects and a survey simulator. For some topic teams, the data from Core are all they need; for other topic teams, additional telescope time at other facilities is required.


observing, discoveries, orbits, simulator

Brett Gladman Principal Investigator, orbit analysis Resonant Populations
JJ Kavelaars Data, discovery Scattering
Jean-Marc Petit Orbit analysis, survey simulator Classical Belt
Michele Bannister Data, discovery, telescope operations Surfaces
Stephen Gwyn Astrometric catalogue
Kat Volk Orbit classification Resonant Populations
Ying-Tung (Charles) Chen Data analysis Resonant Populations, Scattering
Mike Alexandersen Survey cadence & design


science of the discoveries

Andrew Becker Data Mining
Susan Benecchi leader: Lightcurves  Lightcurves, Binaries
Federica Bianco Occultations
Steven Bickerton Classical Belt
Ramon Brasser Scattering
Audrey Delsanti Surfaces
Wesley Fraser leader: Occultations  Surfaces, Occultations
Mikael Granvik Occultations
Will Grundy Binaries
Aurelie Guilbert-Lepoutre leader: Thermal Modelling  Thermal Modelling, Surfaces
Amanda Gulbis Occultations
Daniel Hestroffer Binaries
Wing Ip Binaries, Resonant Populations
Marian Jakubik Scattering
Lynne Jones leader: Data Mining  Data Mining, Lightcurves
Nathan Kaib leader: Scattering  Scattering
Pavlo Korsun Cometary Activity
Simon Krughoff Data Mining
Irina Kulyk  Cometary Activity
Pedro Lacerda Lightcurves
Sam Lawler Resonant Populations
Matthew Lehner Scattering
Edward Lin Binaries
Tim Lister Occultations
Patryk Lykawka Resonant Populations
Ruth Murray-Clay leader: Resonant Populations  Resonant Populations
Keith Noll  Binaries
Alex Parker leader: Binaries  Binaries
Nuno Peixinho Lightcurves, Surfaces
Rosemary Pike Surfaces
Philippe Rousselot leader: Cometary Activity  Cometary Activity, Thermal Modelling
Meg Schwamb Lightcurves, Surfaces
Cory Shankman Scattering
Bruno Sicardy Occultations
Scott Tremaine Scattering
Pierre Vernazza Surfaces
Shiang-Yu Wang Scattering